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What are the digital marketing trends in Healthcare in 2023?

Trends in Healthcare in 2023


Digital marketing is changing the way healthcare providers approach their patients. It has resulted in increased patient awareness, better hospital services, and higher patient satisfaction rates. All of these are contributing to better patient outcomes.

In this blog, we will explore the digital marketing trends of 2023 in the healthcare industry. You can also pursue a healthcare management course to learn about these digital trends.

Online review building

Studies have shown that 77 % of patients prefer checking online reviews before choosing their healthcare provider. Thus, online review building, especially on search engines like Google, is more important than ever. Google also gives importance to reviews and lists hospitals with high ratings on top of search results.

Local SEO

Local SEO is a term that marketing majors in MBA in hospital and healthcare management would be aware of.

When searching for a service provider online, people almost always use the words ‘near me’. Local SEO optimises the website and other web pages to be visible on local search results.

Video contents

Video marketing is going to rule the digital marketing campaigns of 2023. People prefer watching videos over reading a blog or a post. This has resulted in a rise in demand for video marketing. In fact, video marketing will soon be a part of hospital and healthcare management courses.

Quality posts and informative content building

While there should be a focus on the latest trend in digital marketing, marketers should not forget the foundation of digital marketing – quality posts and informative content. Many brands assume that blogs are the only form of content creation.

Students of healthcare management courses would disagree. Experts say that more than 40 forms of content are available apart from blogs. The top ones are:

  • Case studies
  • E-books
  • Newsletters
  • White papers
  • Reviews
  • Podcasts
  • Press releases
  • Memes

Focus on user experience.

When it comes to healthcare, patients seek quality treatment and every other facet of it. Be it infrastructure, amenities, or staff behaviour. Thus, you must ensure that your digital marketing efforts reflect that quality.

People studying Master’s in Healthcare Administration have courses in user experience to help enhance services offered to patients. Some strategies to look for here are:

  • Multiple channels of engagement
  • Easy access to websites
  • Online appointment booking
  • Launching brand app

The power of micro-influencers

Micro-influencers are small-scale influencers with a following of less than 100,000. Digital marketing experts suggest that engaging with micro-influencers with a tighter and more loyal sense of followers is affordable and more effective.

Active social media usage

Social media is one of the proven channels to promote a business, and the healthcare industry is no exception. Today, it is crucial for every healthcare provider to be active on social media to engage with patients, promote their services, build their credibility and reach out to more patients. This can help them reach their goal of addressing different healthcare needs.

Focus on existing in directories and business listings

There are multiple online directories and business listing pages where people go and search for local practices and doctors. Add your clinic or hospital details to those directories so that more people can find you online. It also helps in improving your SEO rankings.

Targeted ads

Targeted ads are created to target specific pools of audiences instead of trying to reach out to the masses. Targeted audiences may have a lower reach than generic ads. However, the former is highly effective in bringing in new leads.

What should healthcare marketers do?

Digital marketing continues to grow and develop daily, with new technology storming the market. Thus, healthcare management professionals should consider pursuing healthcare management courses specialising in digital marketing and other technology. This will help them keep up with the fast-changing scenarios of the industry.

MBA in healthcare management also includes subjects on digital marketing. This can help professionals predict new trends and prepare their organisations to sustain rapid changes.


Digital marketing will be how organisations and their targeted audience will communicate. Artificial and ML will bring a shift in the healthcare industry as many healthcare institutes are already using chatbots, automated follow-ups, reminders, and more. This has delivered significant benefits to patients and the healthcare industry.

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