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50 Helpful Instagram Statistics That Marketers Must Know in 2022

Helpful Instagram Statistics

In merely a decade, Instagram has managed to take over the world of social media. It’s become one of the world’s most-used apps, making it a staple in most marketing strategies.

In honor of the app’s twelfth birthday, let’s take a look at some important Instagram statistics that we think you should know, and more importantly, show you how to promote your business on Instagram in 2022.

Instagram statistics in 2022 you ought to know

This topic is quite broad and could go on indefinitely. So, to keep things simple and share the most important information with you, we’ve broken it up into bite-sized chunks.

General Instagram Statistics

1. Instagram is the world’s seventh most visited site

2. It’s the world’s fourth favorite app, although it is the second most downloaded app

3. The most commonly used hashtag is #Love

4. The app has 58% more engagement than Facebook

5. 4.2 billion posts are created daily (if you were wondering how many Instagram posts are made per day)

6. Over 50 billion photos have been uploaded to the platform

Instagram User Statistics

7. The app has 1.22 billion monthly users (if you were wondering how many people use Instagram)

8. Most users are between the ages of 18 and 24

9. The number of Gen X males (ages between 55 and 64) using the app grew by 63.6% in the last year

10. India has the most Instagram users in the world – 201 million users

Instagram Usage Statistics

11. 59% of American adults use the app daily

12. 17.6% of the world uses the app

13. 30 minutes is the average time spent on the app

14. 42% of American adults do not view Instagram as a reliable news source

15. 44% of users use the platform for weekly shopping

16. 47% of millennial users use the app for its messenger functionality

Instagram Business Statistics

17. 90% of users follow at least one business

18. Over 25 million businesses use Instagram

19. 1.69% new followers a month is the average growth for a business

20. 50% of users use the platform to find new brands

Instagram Post and Carousel Statistics

21. Longer posts receive more engagement

22. 1261 is the average number of likes on posts

23. 10.7 is the number of average hashtags

24. 71.9% of all content is images

25. 60% of brands use interactive features on their posts each week

Instagram Story Statistics

26. 500 million accounts make use of Stories

27. 70% of users watch Story content

28. Seeing brands in a Story help generate interest amongst users

29. The most active brands post around 17 Stories a month

30. 57% of users enjoy partaking in quizzes and polls

Instagram Reel Statistics

31. 58% of marketers are planning to use reels this year

32. 87% of users view Reels and TikTok as the same thing

33. 60 seconds is the maximum duration for a Reel

34. The feature is available in 50 countries

Instagram Video Statistics

35. Videos receive 21.2% more engagement than pictures

36. Video ads receive three times more engagement than normal ads

37. 70% of marketers are looking to increase their spend on videos

38. 14.9% of all content is video

Instagram Live Statistics

39. 100 million users watch Live videos each day

40. 80% of users would prefer to watch a Live video than read a blog

41. 43% of American adults aged 28 to 35 use Live

Instagram Ad Statistics

42. The platform’s reach has grown by 20.5%

43. 69% of a marketer’s budget is spent on Instagram

44. 6% more conversions are processed with collection ads

45. In 2020 Instagram made $17.4 billion in ad revenue

Instagram Influencer Statistics

46. The influencer marketing industry is estimated to be worth $1.7 billion

47. 43% of users follow at least one influencer

48. In 2020 there were 6.12 million sponsored brand posts

49. Cristiano Ronaldo has 401.2 million followers – the most of any influencer

50. 3.1 billion is the combined following of the top 50 influencers

50 helpful Instagram Statistics that marketers must know in 2022

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