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Digital Marketing Guide For Pediatricians and How to Increase The Patient Flow?

Digital Marketing Guide For Pediatricians

Every parent wants the very best for their children. Choosing a pediatrician is one of the more important decisions parents will make for the health and wellbeing of their kids and family.

That selection process is taking place online with increasing frequency, as families use a wealth of online information to research pediatric providers. In today’s competitive healthcare marketplace, parents are choosing pediatricians not just for the quality of care they provide, but for how well they fit their family’s lifestyle.

To achieve practice growth and maintain a successful practice, pediatricians need a digital-first approach to three critical business strategies: patient acquisition, patient retention, and patient experience.

The best way to apply that approach is with a digital marketing for pediatricians.

In this Digital Marketing Guide For Pediatricians and How to Increase The Patient Flow? you will learn


I am Using Traditional Marketing i.e. Flyers, Word of Mouth Referrals. Are These Enough?

Traditional approaches to physician practice marketing — word-of-mouth referrals, print advertising — are no longer enough to grow your pediatrics practice over the long term. To thrive, your practice must embrace modern, digital-first marketing tactics.

Why And How Digital Marketing For Pediatrician is Better?

Digital marketing and advertising offers a wealth of benefits to pediatricians over conventional approaches, including enhanced customer targeting, control, and flexibility.

Here are a few key benefits you’ll find with a digital-first approach.

  • Digital marketing is cost-effective.
  • Digital marketing provides actionable data and insights.
  • Digital marketing offers maximum control and flexibility.


What Are Some Content Marketing Strategies for Pediatricians?

Content marketing satisfies two key objectives for any pediatric practice: promoting your practice while offering practical, relevant information about pediatric care to current and prospective patient families. Strong, engaging content also delivers the added benefit of better search result rankings. Publishing relevant content on your website, blog, and social media accounts, can boost your web presence and result in a significant SEO and local search advantage.

Blogging, social media, and email campaigns all provide excellent content marketing opportunities that amplify your patient acquisition and patient retention tactics. In any competitive marketplace, high-quality content can really help you stand out among other pediatricians in your area.

Here are some top content marketing facts for your pediatrics practice:

  • Blogging helps boost your SEO strategy. Publishing a blog on your website gives search engines additional content from your site to index, and increases the number of relevant keywords associated with your practice. You may not be able to list every condition you treat on your website; a blog gives you room to showcase your expertise in clinical areas that are important to your practice, thus connecting your practice to search terms that parents might use while searching online for pediatric care. A blog post about asthma, for example, might help connect you to a parent researching their child’s recent asthma diagnosis. Via your blog, you offer an additional opportunity for that family to find your practice’s website and book an appointment.
  • Social media drives awareness and website traffic. About three in four people use social media regularly1, making it another great way for pediatricians to attract new patients and connect with loyal ones. Being active on social media, and engaging with families there, can help strengthen the patient-provider relationship and keep you top-of-mind for pediatric healthcare needs. Facebook is still the largest and most popular social media site, making it a great place to start posting information. Share content from your website and blog — this will help direct traffic back to your website. To increase your reach and visibility via social media channels, you can even invest in sponsored content.
  • Email campaigns can offer patient convenience and boost loyalty. Email is the best venue for delivering targeted, relevant, timely information to families already in your network. For greatest effectiveness, segment your patient — for example, you can target families with school-aged children with a back-to-school email about vaccinations, or send first-time moms information about newborn milestones and developmental screening. By including convenient links to appointment booking, or to learn more about a topic on your blog, you give busy patients everything they need right in their inbox.


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