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How To Increase Patient Volume For My Clinic in Pakistan

How To Increase Patient Volume For My Clinic in Pakistan

Getting the leg up on the competition and attracting potential patients can be difficult and deciding which actions you need to take can be even more daunting.

But if you have found yourself asking, “What are creative ways to increase patient volume?”

Well here are 6 highly effective medical marketing strategies you can implement to increase patient volume and get more patients to your practice.

1. Invest in a High-Quality Medical Website 

Your practice website is one of the most critical digital assets of your business, and that is an investment that needs to be taken seriously.

To create a well performing medical website that will drive patients to your practice, you need to communicate a few critical things.

  1. Make sure you tell your unique story
  2. All the awesome conditions and treatments you address
  3. Make it easy and clear how to book a new patient appointment
  4. Blog and video content to engage potential patients

Make sure your medical website is unique to the patient experience of your practice and user-friendly.

Good Website never means the website that is aesthetically good, but  there are so many other things to consider and ask yourself too:-

-Is your website fully responsive to mobile devices?

-Have you highlighted your featured services/treatments on the home page?

-Does Your Website Have a Blog?

-Do you have a designated staff and provider page?

-Do you have the proper SEO & Keyword Research? (This is a biggie! A solid search engine optimization (SEO) strategy for a doctors in Pakistan starts with the foundation of your website or local map)

-Are your patient testimonials featured? (Patient reviews are a HUGE influencer to generate new patients for a practice. Potential patients want to hear from others who have been treated at your practice.)

-Are you showcasing your before and after cases? (Only for Aesthetic Industry)

2. Optimize the Practice Website for SEO

One of the top ways how to increase patient volume is via the growth of your website in local organic search results.

In 2019 nearly  80% of all patients turned online to search for medical information, physicians, and practices.

In 2020 it is imperative that you are ranking high in Google for your main medical services and keywords over your medical practice competitors.

This starts with having well-constructed google map(s) so you can rank for the things you do best like “hand surgery near me”.

3. Advertise On Google Ads & Social Media

Healthcare digital advertising in Pakistan has become an essential tool for a digital marketing strategy for medical practices.

Patients turn to Google, Facebook, and other platforms and search engines to find a local practice or information on a particular procedure.

You want to be there when and where they are looking for information about medical services and surgeries.

Here is an example of a digital advertising strategy for a urology practice to drive more vasectomies via digital ads.

5. Grow New Patient Referral with Physician Liaison Marketing

Develop a proactive physician outreach program to connect with the referring physicians and practices in your community.

Build strong physician referral relationships with your neighboring physicians by employing a physician liaison or physician relations manager.

A physician liaison will help you connect your medical practice, and its physicians to referring physicians, grow patient referrals, and increase overall practice revenue.

A designated physician liaison can make sure referring practices have all the materials they need to refer to easily.

A physician liaison will also serve as a practice ambassador for the physicians they represent to streamline communication and provide value for referring doctors.

6. Protect Your Physician Reputation & Generate Reviews

8 out of 10 patients read reviews before they book an appointment with a new practice.

This statistic will only continue to rise as what we refer to as the “Amazonification” of healthcare continues to take hold in patients.

What that means is patients (unfortunately) now search for healthcare in a similar manner as to how they look for products on Amazon.

They start by doing research and reading other patient reviews.

That means it is critical to protect your reputation as a physician and practice by being proactive in generating new reviews for your practice.

The best way to do that is by leveraging a online reputation management service to easily integrate it into your existing workflows.

Not only will you get more patients by generating new reviews but you will see a direct relationship in the increase in local search rankings that we spoke about earlier in this post.

That is because your Google My Business is a top local SEO for medical practices ranking factor and what helps your Google My Business rank high? Reviews.




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