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Latest Social Media Trends You Need To Follow.

Digital Marketing is an ever changing field where every day, there’s a new trend making rounds. In order for you to stay connected with your audience and to always maintain your spot in the limelight, it is essential for you and your brand to hop on to every new trend’s bandwagon. The social media trends keep evolving rapidly with new trends coming across various platforms like Instagram stories, reel highlights, IGTV, Facebook videos and hashtags, WhatsApp, and so on.

Expanding your business via digital marketing is no longer a difficult task thanks to the advent of social media trends. According to the PR Newswire research, social media is the most influential in promoting your brands, with 25% of small businesses citing it as one of their primary marketing tools. Social media trends are at their peak in 2022, and brands should not pass up this golden opportunity to use these platforms. According to global WebIndex, 58.4% of the world’s population uses social media, with an average daily usage of 2 hours and 27 minutes by January 2022. Pakistan has approximately 46 million active users on social media alone.

There are multiple social media trends emerging in 2022 but brands need to analyze the most commonly used platform by their respective audience in order to promote their content at large. The following are some social media trends and their analyses:


As of July, 2022, Facebook has 2.934 billion active users out of which 43.55 billion are Pakistanis. It is regarded as the king of social media king since it offers a significant amount of exposure for connecting with your audience. Facebook reels, which are essentially the brief video that displays on Facebook in sections like the news feed and watch, make it simple for marketers to engage with their customers via dynamic content.

To market new or old products, making short clips for advertising help you communicate and connect with your audience faster. Dynamic content always grasps the user’s attention so the audience never gets bored. Reels can be monetized as well and are profitable too. Live shopping feature is also available for the hasty users. To build trust, you can demonstrate your products live in action by hosting a virtual event.

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YouTube is the second most popular social media platform with 2.6 billion users worldwide, 7.71 million of them being Pakistani users. YouTube provides multiple promotional offers like live streaming, short videos, interesting challenges to engage your audience and product reviews with captivating visual effects. Using your unique style that goes with your brand guidelines, you can present your brand to your consumers effectively. Collaborating with YouTube influencers by sending them PR packages to unbox on their channels is another effective way of promoting your products through the platform.

Public figures’ such as celebrities’ or athletes’ promotional videos are more impressive than the brand’s product videos. Full-length videos are extremely informative; you can also watch the videos of your competitors to gain a better understanding of their marketing strategy. After you’ve monetized your channel, you’ll be able to see a statistical analysis of your videos such as watch time, community guidelines, and insights that give you a percentage of views as feedback for your content.


90 percent of the top 100 brands in the world have Instagram pages, including both local and international brands. Almost 50% Instagram users are following at least one brand page from their accounts. Instagram is super popular with 139 million users across the globe, 13.75 million of them being from Pakistan. Marketers happen to love the application as it allows them to easily engage with their audience through reels, fun stories to maintain contact and IGTV to go deeper with the right audience.

Instagram also focuses on the best visuals for photos, which makes the news feed more interesting. Participating in Instagram challenges, creating informative QNAs and polls, turning stories into specific highlights, converting your account to a business account and opening up a shop section on Instagram are all trends worthy enough to follow and market your brand right. You can easily increase your revenue by increasing the number of views from stories, reels, IGTV and DMs on a single platform.

Developing a strong content strategy and employing popular hashtags increases the number of views. The algorithm organizes content based on users’ searches and interests to suggest relevant pages, making it easier for viewers to quickly reach a specific page.


Tiktok is the third largest social media application to be used worldwide with over 1 billion users, 18.26 million of them being from Pakistan. When it comes to TikTok, all you need to do is either follow a trend or start it. It is the greatest way to develop an intimate relationship with the audience while showing off your brand’s fun side.

Most people nowadays enjoy spending time on TikTok because it provides a variety of entertainment on a single platform. It would be beneficial for brands to invest in paid partnerships with well-known TikTokers, engaging them in challenges and utilizing branded hashtags for easy access to the audience.

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Marketing your brand the right way is all that matters in today’s digital world of marketing as it is at its peak and the world is innovating day by day. Brands should adopt recent trends to stay in touch with their audience and to connect with potential users. Without using social media platforms, marketing strategies would be hollow. All the above statistics highlight the importance of social media platforms and how they help in boosting your brand in a short period.

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