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Why You Can No Longer Avoid Video Marketing

Video Marketing

In a world where we rely on our digital devices, it’s no wonder new methods of digital marketing change on a daily basis. In recent years, video marketing has become more and more prevalent, with 86% of businesses using it as a key marketing tool. The global pandemic has also had a tremendous effect on the popularity of video marketing, becoming an essential step toward converting leads into customers.

One-third of all online activity is now spent watching videos; in the digital landscape of today, people would much rather watch content than read it. This article will explain the role of video marketing and the benefits of using video in your digital marketing strategy.

What is Video Marketing and Why is it Important?

Although the name is rather self-explanatory, the term ‘video marketing’ can be defined as a strategy that uses video to increase engagement and drive sales. 93% of marketers agree that video has become a vital component of their marketing strategy; it has been shown to reap numerous benefits and effectively guide customers through the marketing funnel.

What are the benefits?

Having demonstrated the rapid increase in usage of video marketing, it is important to understand why it has become so popular and how it can drive sales and improve business. The key benefits include:

The Google Algorithm

Firstly, having videos on your website can affect how high you rank on the Google search. Google chops and changes its algorithm based on what is popular; videos have become a massive trend over the last few years. Currently, the Google algorithm will boost rankings because it views videos as high-quality on-page content.

Connecting with Customers

Videos are the perfect way to make an emotional connection with your customers; people would much rather have an informal conversation about a topic, rather than pick apart large blocks of text which explain basic concepts in meticulous detail. Videos combine a casual chat with an informative discussion, thus striking the perfect balance between professionalism and approachability.

This is particularly poignant for aesthetics clinics as seeing the face behind the brand and the practitioner who will be performing treatments before their appointment will help put them at ease.

Raising Brand Awareness

Videos are an excellent way to raise brand awareness. Communicating through video creates a memorable first impression for your audience; this personal approach tells them you are knowledgeable, charismatic, and dependable.

Expressing the personality and core values of your brand is a fundamental step towards gaining business; it builds trust and develops healthy customer relationships.

Improving Dwell Time and CTRs

Incorporating videos into your blogs, website pages, email campaigns, and social media posts will have a remarkable effect on your dwell time and click-through rates (CTRs). Dwell time is the amount of time users spend on a particular page, and it has an impact on your overall SEO. 80% of marketers agree that video content significantly increases user dwell time.

When you send an email campaign, the ultimate goal is to get click-throughs that lead to your treatments page which leads to booking an initial consultation. Including a video in your email campaign has been shown to improve click-through rates by 65% and open rates by 19%.

Boost Conversions

This is, arguably, the most important factor. Will video marketing convert prospects into customers?


Videos encourage users to stay on a page for longer periods; as a result, the user can get to know the brand, the product, and all the information they need to make their final purchasing decision. 90% of customers claim that their ultimate buying decision is influenced by video marketing, while 84% have bought a product or service, having been convinced by watching a brand video.

The Types of Video Marketing

There is a whole world of reasons and goals behind making a video, identifying your aims will determine what type of video you make. Here are the top five video types:

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are one of the most accessible forms of video marketing; they provide a platform where a brand can interact with their audience through polls, questions, and quizzes, creating a connection between your brand and your audience. This interaction can show you which skincare products and treatments your customers like the most; this allows you to push the products and services that are popular.

Explainer Videos

The clue is in the name. An explainer video is intended to provide information on a product, service, or concept in your business. These videos are a quick and easy solution to answering FAQs and help your potential customers to better understand what your business offer. These types of videos are usually found on the landing page of a site, as they ensure that the user is immediately engaged.

For aesthetics businesses, an explainer video allows you to tell your users exactly how a treatment works, as well as putting a face to your brand.

Testimonial Videos

This type of video content is the proof in your pudding. These videos depict the success stories of previous clients who are pleased with the product or service they received from your business. This content assures potential customers that your products and services work well and that you are a trusted business.

In the aesthetics industry, customers want to know that they are safe and well cared for by their practitioners. Testimonials are a good way to promote the safety of your treatments, whilst adding a personal touch that will connect with the viewer.

Brand Videos

These videos are a chance to showcase the hopes, dreams, and behind-the-scenes of your business. What is your vision? What are your values? What is your USP? What makes you different? These are the questions you want to answer in a brand video; it sets you apart from your competitors and outlines why your customers should invest in you.

Infographic Videos

Everyone loves infographics. How could you not? Infographic videos simplify complex topics while drawing in the user with a pleasing visual aesthetic. These videos are the type to go viral; this is because they engage the viewer with humor, music, imagery, and sound effects.

The fact of the matter is video marketing is everywhere. It is the marketing tool that will take your business from zero to hero. The power of video dominates the modern world and if you want to keep up, you need to get on board.

We understand that the world of digital marketing can be complicated and oversaturated with information. That’s why we are here to help. If you want to expand your aesthetics business, we can help you generate leads and close new prospects for your business.

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