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The Do’s and Don’ts of handling negative reviews

handling negative reviews

Unfortunately, handling negative reviews is an unavoidable part of running your aesthetics business. Reviews are so important when it comes to bringing in new customers and maintaining regulars. In the aesthetics business, reputation is everything. Potential customers need to have proof that your company provides effective, safe, and professional treatments. 93% of consumers claim that online reviews dictate their ultimate buying decision. Testimonials and reviews help to set you apart from your competitors; they add a personal touch to your brand and make potential customers feel that they can trust your expertise and knowledge.

Negative reviews are inevitable. Sometimes mistakes happen; you might double book an appointment or get the customer’s name wrong, they might dislike the results of one of your skincare products or treatments, etc. There are a billion reasons why people leave negative feedback, but it isn’t the actual feedback that will majorly impact on your business, it is how you deal with the situation that matters most.

What Not To Do.

Everyone receives negative reviews from time to time and it is completely manageable if you follow our advice.

Here are the main don’ts of handling negative reviews:

1) Don’t Panic!

Stressing about the situation and overanalyzing everything will only make it harder to cope with.

2) Don’t Ignore the Review

Sadly, if you ignore the negative reviews, they will not just magically disappear. Ignoring your customers is likely to make them angrier and more displeased; it also suggests that your business does not care about its customers after they have bought their treatment or product.

3) Don’t Blame the Customer

The customer is always right. Of course, you should never take abuse from your clients, but sometimes you do have to bite your tongue when dealing with rude customers. Getting drawn into the blame game will simply upset the customer even further, and make you appear unprofessional.

4) Don’t React Immediately

When someone attacks your business, you may initially feel emotional. Responding in the heat of the moment can lead you to get defensive and bite back at the customer. This will only make the situation worse and more difficult to resolve.

5) Don’t Take It Personally

At the end of the day, you are running a business. The negative review is not a reflection of you as an individual. If you address the review as though it is a personal attack, you may find yourself in a nasty online battle.

What to Do?

Often, the way that you deal with feedback is indicative of whether or not a customer will return and whether they will recommend your clinic to their friends and family.

Here are the main do’s of handling negative reviews:

1) Do Keep Calm and Carry On

Assess the situation and try to take some deep breaths. Focus on what you want to say and how you are going to say it; write a few drafts of your response before sending it.

2) Do Take a Moment

Instead of replying straight away, when you are at your emotional peak, make yourself a cuppa and gather your thoughts.

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